Bentonite Clay Treatment (Hair & Face)

I got bentonite clay a few weeks ago for the purposes of detoxifying my hair. I created enough for both  scalp and face.  Clay treatments have become part and parcel of me and with each experience, I fall in love with it more and more.



To prepare the mix,  I used three tablespoons of bentonite clay. Then, mixed with a teaspoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar and about three tablespoons of water.


I had applied coconut oil to the hair and covered with shower cap which created damp hair. I applied the clay treatment on the damp  hair and left it to dry.

When using clay treatments, you have to pay attention to how your hair feels after rinsing. For me, I still deep condition because the clay kind of clarifies the strands. Deep conditioning restores the moisture back into the hair.

With bentonite clay, my hair feels extremely dry after using it. I prefer rhassoul clay as a result of this. Rhassoul clay leaves my hair more moisturized and soft; probably I should say my natural hair. I'm yet to use rhassoul on my relaxed hair.


  1. Kobby4:39 am

    Hi, I'm Kobby from Accra, Ghana. Thanks a lot for this article. I've read so many articles and reviews about how powerful Bentonite Clay is in the treatment of acne. I have really a bad skin covered with acne. I'll like to try it and I'll be very much happy if you give me directions as to where i can get some to buy. Thanks

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  3. Please is bentonite clay the same as 'shile' ?


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