Castor Oil For Acne Treatment

First,  a friend had told me how she uses castor oil to fade stretch marks but I didn't think it will apply to these acne scars.

I contemplated on giving it a try thus I used some castor oil for acne treatment on my face.
I usually use the clear and smooth acne pimple medication at night and go to bed. I don't see results immediately because it takes more application for it to work. It's not something I can afford to do because I can't go to work smelling like alcohol Lol.

This time,  after using the acne medication, I allowed it to dry up before following up with we Naturals castor oil.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="336"]castor oil for acne treatment WE naturals castor oil[/caption]

On Day 2, I skipped the acne treatment and used only castor oil.
For Day 3, I was staring hard at my face in the mirror to find the pimples that had surfaced only to see none! To add to the excitement,  I noticed the acne scars were very faint! What???.
I asked husby to verify if indeed there wasn't a pimple and he pointed at a bump which was fading away. Mind you,  I had like 5 new bumps and suddenly only 1 was there!

Castor oil for Acne treatment Verdict

If you've suffered from oily skin, you may want to go easy on using this oil daily. However, some people with oily skin still enjoy the benefits.

What can I say? Castor oil doesn't seize to  amaze me.

I'll continue to combine it with acne treatment to prevent new pimples and fade the old scars quickly. I'm so excited because I'm on track to getting my clear face back!


  1. Mordecai6:33 am

    Please what is the name of the acne treatment cream u've been using...,but firstly what are some of the causes of Acne.

    ,Thank You..


  2. abena7:19 am

    I use clear and smooth acne pimple medication. As for the causes of acne, even stress can make you break out. Biotin can make you break out if care isn't taken. Not properly caring for the face can contribute to acne.

  3. Mrs Aikins-Gaisie10:26 pm

    Nice thanks for sharing


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