Cocoshea moisturizing Co Wash Review

I needed a Co wash so I decided to give the new zabrinaturals products a try starting with their Co wash.

Price : 25gh (you pay for delivery too)
Consistency : light and easier comes out of the pump. I use about 4 pumps per wash.

Smell : very mild citrus scent that doesn't linger for long. I like it.

Slip :1/5 I'm not so sure if the ingredients are natural but I do know with we Naturals, the ingredients are which may account for the lack of slip. I don't mind though because of the next point.

Moisture :4/5 The hair stayed moisturized even after 48 hours! The zabrinaturals co wash is very moisturizing and goes on the hair easily.
It also claims to be pH balanced so that's very good.

As a Co wash, I think they did a pretty good job and I pray it stays the same because for now, that's the cheapest Co wash on the market and effective too.

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  1. Angela Quaye9:38 am

    The zabrinaturals co wash is a very good product just as you have reviewed. That is exactly how i see it and i just used one this morning.

    Thanks dear for the great job.


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