Create Face and Body Care Regimen

I've been talking a lot about my facial regimen lately and want to share some tips on how to create face and body care regimen. I'm all for long hair but what's long hair without  a beautiful face to go with it?

Ever since I reintroduced scrubs in my face routine,  my face is slowly getting to the even tone I want. I knew using face scrubs would definitely be a game changer so I was super excited when I got back to the scrubbing business.

I haven't changed my facial routines so much,  I've just being more consistent.

Now, let me give you a run down of my morning and night routine and how it fits into my tight schedule.
I remove any make up with baby wipe and use the FC face wash and cleanse. I,  then,  use a facial exfoliating scrub. For moisturizing, I have three different routines for different nights.

I use anew 10% glycolic acid peel for overnight treatment. I may also follow up with  the bio oil. Night 2, I use clean and smooth acne pimple medication. Night 3, I use either witch hazel or baby face  cleanser.

I apply Queen Helene clay mask right from bed. The time between application and bath time is usually about 10 minutes which is enough for the mask to work.
If I don't use the clay,  I use facial gel scrub.

That's just how basic my routine is. I may take delivery of my face brush soon so I'll share an updated routine.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="336"]osiris avise apricot facial scrub osiris avise apricot facial scrub[/caption]

If you are a lady and can afford it,  do get some face products to  keep your skin fresh. My next purchase is a body scrub (I won't mind a free one though).
I do take nightly showers and flow up with a moisturizer if the weather isn't hot. I'm looking at getting  eye cream for my eyes too.
I'm not so pleased with the FC sunblock, any recommendations?
What's your current face Regimen?


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