Crochet Braid with Leave Out

Here are pictures of my latest escapades with crochet braid. This time, I had a leave out at the front prevent further damage to the edges.

I prefer crochet braids because they are light on the head; weaves tend to be heavier on my head. In addition to this,

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="510"]crochet braids with leave out crochet braids with leave out[/caption]

crochet braids with leave out

The leave out part is short so I cover the demarcation part with a headband. We used one and a half pack of kanekolon hair. I like this particular hair because it wasn't tangling nor felt silky. When hair doesn't tangle easily, styling takes less time. It also allows for easy combing and even styling.

crochet braids with leave out

crochet braids with leave out

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="434"]crochet braids with leave out crochet braids with leave out[/caption]

To maintain the hair, I focus the moisturizer on the leave out section. I also apply oil mix to the edges to prevent any damage as a result of pulling the hair back. Wearing the pulled up style so often can cause damage to the edges. Using the oils is more like a preventive measure. I hope it works.

The cornrows beneath the kanekolon hair isn't tight. I, actually, keep an eye on the cornrows anytime my stylist is braiding so it doesn't get tight. If the cornrows are tight, the crochet pin tends to snag. This might cause breakage because my own hair is braided down but that doesn't mean a strand or two won't be popping out.



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