Healthy Body, Long Hair

My aim this year is to have both healthy body, long hair as well as a pretty awesome face! To achieve these goals, I've created a routine to ensure that each minute contributes towards reaching the targets.

Aside using apple Cider Vinegar on my hair,  I enjoy it as a drink when diluted with water. I want to restore the alkaline-acid balance so I take the drink first thing in the morning. I may not see results immediately but I know it will work eventually.





In addition, I've dewormed too. All those months of kebab and abokyi( grilled meat) LOL. A healthy body leads to healthy hair too. The next thing is being consistent with my vitamins as usual. It's  very easy taking the vitacost hair vitamins even though I take the two at a time.

My acne is non existent now thanks to a rigorous facial regimen for the past one month. My skin is soft and smooth and I no longer have  a fear of oils on my face. I'll be pushing my luck by mixing coconut oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil together for my face. I use the oil nightly and use a lotion in the morning if I want to use make up else I use bio oil. I've tried the  coconut oil alone on my face before but I had a breakout, perhaps not related to the  oil so this will be a good opportunity to test it again.

I also do some crunches each morning and evening when  I can. It seems to be working. I don't have an end point, I want to work on the tummy till its flatter.

I still have the shower gel to  pick up so expect an update soon.

How are you taking care of your body?


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