I Shaved My Face!

I saw the shaving of face  technique Yesterday when one of the YouTubers I follow shared her method.  I decided to attempt it but on a small surface area first.

I used a brow razor and scrubbed just the left and right cheeks. It was painless and very easy. I did the cheeks because that's where I have pigmentation from acne. I realized the dark spots are fading gradually and just may be,  shaving the dead skin off at that place will speed up the process.

After shaving,  I applied queen Helene mud mask and used escenti gel wash after rinsing off the mask. I used my sponge to gently scrub as I normally do. By the way, m facial brush is in so I won't have to  do manual scrubs again Lol.

I applied anew Retexturizing 10% glycolic acid peel and allowed the skin to dry and followed up with castor oil.  This has been my facial oil for about a week now and I love it. I tend to break out from oils but not with this castor oil (I use the We Naturals castor oil)
I didn't do any make up to allow the  skin to breathe. The place felt  extremely soft and smooth.




I'll shave the cheeks at the end of the month and continue twice a month.
I'm making it a habit of getting skin care products especially for my face. I'll be checking the Game and Shoprite at Accra mall for some facial creams,  especially, night creams and eye creams.
You can purchase castor oil here.


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