It's My Birthday +Revelations

Today is my birthday which you would know if you follow me on instagram, facebook or Twitter. (@emprezzabena)
Well, I'm going to officially reveal my age for the first time on this blog because I think it's no biggie,  right?..
I slept late last night,  actually made it a point to be the first to wish myself a happy birthday on my Facebook page. That was like 12 midnight Lol.
When I woke up, husby tried getting baby J to sing a birthday song for me but he was so busy kicking me off the bed so he could snuggle with  his dad hehe hehe. See trouble! I got a nice wish  from husby and later a call from my dad (I'll do a full post on him on Father's day cos he's simply awesome) Daaaaa, are you reading this?

I got a lot of wishes from friends and readers too and the messages are still streaming in (Thank you all).
I said I'd reveal my age right?


My first full length picture on this blog.



Today,  a stranger asked my age and I wasn't hesitant for the first time in my life. People tend to disbelief when I tell them.
It's a huge deal for me because I'm really a discreet person and keep my personal life really on a tight leech for security and work reasons but I'm creating a new world for myself and that includes being comfortable with  every aspect of me. Of course, there would be limits but I'll try to be more open.


When one of my goddaughters asked me my age,  I was scared she will feel weird but she was cool.





Come closer so I whisper it to you. Today,  I turned 31!!
What does it mean to  me?

**Being more open and expressive  about my needs and wants.
**Pushing hard at getting to the top of the ladder in business and in all spheres of work.
**Being more conscious of the investments I make in my life and a whole lot more I'll be sharing on this blog.
My Blog turns 5 this year which is a huge milestone so I'm taking it to new dimensions of my life. Some of you have been with me from day 1 and it's time to enjoy the fruit of my labour.

Stay blessed and nothing  less.


  1. Patricia10:32 pm

    Congratulations Emprezz and happy 31 birthday God bless you

  2. calabar gal11:04 pm

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Thank You!

  4. Lynda2:10 pm


  5. Angela Quaye8:22 am

    Congrats Emprezz Abena. Beautiful pictures.

  6. Congratulations Abena! Your family sounds so sweet. Nice to finally see you full-length :) God bless you, nothing less!


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