May Edges Update

The journey to recovering my edges or hair line is a tough one. I can't recall the last time I took a break from nurturing those hairs on the edges. Prior to delivering my baby, I still struggled with the damage on my  hair line. Since I can't postpartum anymore, I guess the blame is on too much braids-cornrows, box braids which I take down within days.

This time, I'm doing my best not to suffer any setback. It's not easy staying away from those exotic looking styles on instagram and facebook. LOL.

 May edges update.

Consistency has been a vital tool this month.  With giving the edges all the attention it needs in order to get back to the state I want it, I can really wear a fine pony.

Despite seeing some improvement in the edges/hairline,  I'm switching to Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil since I've had good results from that  too.


Honestly,  these edges don't look so bad but they aren't great either. I want full and thick edges this year so whatever it takes.

As for the Canesten, I'm not going to discard it; I'm adding the jbco to it. Hair cocktail!!

How's your edges?


  1. It is good that you are working on bring your edges back. You can also try onion juice for your edges.


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