Skin Care Goals For May

Since my hair is tugged away, my attention is on skin care, especially, my face. My acne scars seems to have faded a bit but I still get a bump here and there. The one thing I want to do is use make up only when necessary and not daily as I do now.

My face isn't that bad looking now so I can go without make up. The bio oil seems to have cleared my dark under eyes. I don't know if the scrubs have also helped. My eyes don't look so dark again. Here's the plan of action
Each Night
The other goal is aside the apple cider vinegar drink,  I want to use aloe vera again on my face nightly. To make it easy, I'll prepare the juice down and keep it refrigerated. I'll use facial wash/Cleanser and scrubs nightly and alternate between witch hazel and the baby face cleanser.
***Morning: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'll use the Queen Helene clay mask. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
I will use the baking soda honey mask (a friend taught me this).
This means, no scrubs and gels in the morning, just masks.

New Routine

Switch to shower gel/milk baths. It's about time I give my skin a girly treat rather than good old family soap Lol. Men don't care about the effect of soaps; I do. The kind of soap you use can contribute to a healthy skin so I'm officially ditching bar soaps and moving to gel washes,  especially, milk ones.
Once In Month
Lastly,  I'll be doing bentonite clay facial treatment in the course of the month. I want to see how my skin reacts to the raw clay.
What your are skin care goals?


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