3 Ways To Disinfect Undies

As I promised in my birthday post,  I'm getting  more personal and today,  I'm sharing three ways to disinfect your pants; kill bacteria and yeast.


** First,  I have a large collection of pants so I can go a month without a wash. Yes,  I'm obsessed with pants and I'm not yet done with buying them. Even 100 won't suffice Lol. It's easy to disinfect pants in bulk than individual pants. I also prefer bulk washing to individual washing so I don't need to hang them in the bathroom.
**Use very hot water to soak your undies and add your detergent. That removes stains and odours too. I've actually boiled my pants for 30 minutes! You can get an old saucepan for that. This works best if you are prone to yeast infections.
**An easy method is to use antibacterial like Carmel or dettol. These are very potent in killing bacteria. Sometimes,  I use both hot water and the Carmel.
**Sun dry and Iron aka use heat. When I can,  I iron my pants after sun drying. Double killer there!

Be sure to discard old undies regularly too. Purge those granny undies too.


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