6 Months Hair Goals

As the year moved towards the 7th month, I want to strive to create and achieve more goals by December.

The first goal is consistent with a regimen for 6 months. Consistency has been a problem for me in so many ways and it's definitely the time to stop. I have a routine I use but aside the basic,  I do more than  posted in the
regimen segment.

Here's how I want to be consistent and like the late Mohammed Ali said, let everyday count and not count every day.


The first area to tackle is the braids and weaves thing. I've been able to leave my edges alone through each braid. Each time I say I won't braid,  it's usually a lip service so the cure is investing the braid money into vitamins and clothes. Yes,  instead of braiding,  I won't mind using the 10gh or 20gh to purchase a skin care item or clothing. This shift means I still spend but on relevant things. I've began doing that already and just need to be consistent. Within a few weeks,  my skin care items have increased and I have new stuff. I got to do a lot for the home too. You don't realize how much you spend on hair products until you divert attention to other necessities of life.

Now,  since I haven't braided in weeks,  I've been able to use some products which will go a long way to  prevent using expired hair stuff and also ensuring  that my hair gets the nurturing it needs. The dry hair I've been experiencing is mostly due to  inconsistent routine. Usually, I do one treatment,  braid up and the next is two weeks time. The hair needs time to achieve the moisture level and interrupting this process has been a contributing factor in my woes.

So, the two key goals for the next months are to be consistent with the regimen and also keep up with investing in my self.
What do you want to achieve in the next 6 months?


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