Bar Soap Or Shower Gel?

One of the skin care goals for May was to switch to  shower gels which I've since done.


Back in the University, one of the things I learnt about the skin was that bar soaps tend to be harsher than shower gels. I found that a lot of women use shower gels instead of bar soap so the theory seems to hold.

I've also joined the gel family and the actual one I want to try is the Naya Naturals shower gel (political talk: plans are far advanced to get them).

Bar soaps have been with me since my infancy and for many reasons. They are cheaper, easy to obtain and last longer. The one thing that  puts me off is the slippery feeling I get after bathing. How do you deal with that? Is it that I use too much?

Husby doesn't shower gel for that reason and thinks it's a waste of water.

However,  the Irish spring shower gel doesn't leave the skin slippery and I'm glad I bought it. I love how it leaves me smelling fresh too. I need to find a place that  stocks up on it frequently. In the mean time,  if this one runs out,  I'll try the Naya brand.
What  do you use?


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