Irish Spring Gear Body Wash Review

Irish Spring Gear body wash came into my bathing routine a couple of weeks ago. When I decided to ditch bar soaps, the next thing was to find a shower gel that won't leave my skin feeling soapy. Also, I needed one that would leave me smelling fresh. A friend came around with the Irish Spring Gear body wash and convinced me to give it a try.

Here's what I think of it.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Irish spring Gear Body Wash Irish spring Gear Body Wash[/caption]


Price :35gh ( I later saw that it sells for less in some shops and also  got to see more body washes from this brand)
What it claims :
Irish Spring Gear is a line if shower products engineered for advanced performance. The body wash retains more of the skin's natural hydration than ordinary bar of soap and provides 24 hour freshness.
3-in-1 Body+Face+Hair Wash which has Pro Vitamin B5 and Eucalyptus extract for "all-over" body, hair and face clean.
How I use it:
I flip the top and pour a small amount on my sponge. I do my best to shower twice a day so I use it with every wash.
My Likes
I like that it's easy to pour from the press nozzle because this gel lathers so well you don't need a lot.

I also like the mild sweet fragrance and that adds to the fresh smelling scent I have when leaving the  bathroom.

The best of all is that it doesn't leave your skin slippery! I mean this is the first fear I had about shower gels and most of the ones I'd tried left my skin feeling as if I used rain water go shower.
I shower twice a day so I most definitely can say this gel doesn't  leave your skin dry too.
As a matter of fact,  the Irish Spring Gear is an amazing shower gel.

Next on the list is the Naya Naturals shower gel.

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