Night Baths?

Let me laugh at this one because night baths were off topics until I met hubby Lol. When you are single,  you do what you want with your bed, after marriage,  the bed story changes.

This post is targeted at the non night bathers.  I know there are occasions the weather is too cold to bath or when you are sick and cold. However,  under normal circumstances,  taking night showers have a lot of benefits. I was surprised when one married friend said she doesn't night baths. 😈😈😈😈

After watching hygiene videos,  I gained more insight into this habit.  Aside feeling  fresh, here are five more reasons to shower before bedtime.


** You are ever ready for action with your husband. You don't wait till the bell rings or announcement goes out before you rush  to bath. You can kill the mood. Hehehehehe.
**You get a good night sleep with refreshed body. When I don't bath before bed,  I struggle with heat and sticky  body.
**Your facial routine is also better. You are forced to remove your pan cakes aka make up and treat your face well.
** Add tooth brushing to your night routine and you have a healthy set of teeth and fresh breathe.
**Enjoy a relaxing bath if you have a tub. If there's one thing I wish I had, it's a tub so I could run baths. It's a great way to treat yourself. Because I can't do tubs,  I've devised a new method which I'll share with you soon. You'll still enjoy the use of oils and fragrance in your bathing routine.


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