Relaxer Update(June 2016)

I self relaxed at 5 weeks post because I had a decent amount of growth going on. The thickness made it impossible styling even with a roller set.

To begin:
1. Protect already relaxed parts with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and chi silk infusion.
2. I used ABC relaxer and combed through once to get it straight (didn't  get that straight)
3. Washed out relaxer with warm water and followed up with Sheamoisture African black soap deep cleansing shampoo, deep conditioned with We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask. Finished off with  ACV rinse.

I'm getting a roller set during week to do a length check. The vitacost vitamins have helped with growth.
I'll be moving on to mane choice plus as the vitacost isn't available again.
It's been a week now and the hair is back in a crotchet braid. I like this style because it  allows me to leave the edges alone. The hairline needs to be restored and the smallest tension sets me back.

I also got two washes in between the touch up so I'm good. The next touch up is when I finish taking the mane choice to see how that also works so I have about 7 weeks target.





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