Salon Co Wash

I guess not having to do my own hair is not bad at all and when it comes to salon co wash, I'm sure that's another indication of how lazy I've become with my hair. Since I haven't bought the foam wrap lotion, I went back to the "top"   salon for a wash this time. Even if I get the wrap,  I'm not sure I will stop going there. I want the hair to be long enough before I deal with it myself again. I'll just make sure they  do all the steps I want.

Anyway,  I took the Sheamoisture Superfruit conditioner and kinky curly knot today leave in conditioner. The stylist who did the hair last week was the same one who took care of the hair this wash. This time though, I made them eliminate the setting lotion and used only the wrap lotion to see how the hair would turn out. This was a risky decision considering that I had an event to attend and time wasn't also on my side to correct mistakes.
I say under the hooded dryer for about 30 minutes.
The salon is Agartha Kay, right at High Way junction,  Ashaley Botwe Road.

This salon co wash went pretty well and I guess it's fun to enjoy being treated like a royal sometimes.

Don't mind the face Lol.
I'd definitely be going there as often as I can until my hair is long enough. I've also found ORS styling mouse which I'll pick during the week either that or some other two which I'll read on soon.


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