Vitamins Challenge

Have you been taking your vitamins? I'm not talking about just hair vitamins but multivitamins in general. Well,  this vitamins Challenge is all about taking the vitamins you've purchased but haven't even opened to see the content.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Vitamins challenge Vitamins challenge[/caption]


The vitamins challenge actually began in January for ladies in my group so we are already on it. All you need is your bottle of vitamins and you are done! Just be sure to set a reminder or something to get you to take it consistently. If it's a hair vitamins,  do take a starting  picture and after picture to see the progress.

Aside growing long hair, a healthy body will ensure long life and that's something worth fighting for. If you aren't a fun of swallowing vitamins, there are gummies available for you. The nature's bounty gummies contain biotin as well as vitamin C which will definitely go a long way to improve on your skin too.


  1. Patricia7:55 pm

    Yaaaaaaay great way to help us take the vitamins thank you


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