5 Tips For Protecting Your Hair During The Raining Season

As the  rains come down, so does our moisture levels in the hair increases. However, too much of moisture can reckon havoc on your hair so here are some tips on protecting your hair during this season. 

  1.  Finger detangle: when the hair is soft and especially when you are caught in the rain,  it's essential to use your fingers to undo the tangles. For relaxed hair, detangling wet hair with a Comb  is just an invitation to  breakage. Using the fingers to removed knots and tangled hair will even be better on semi dry relaxed hair rather than the wet hair, more like damp hair. 

  1. Protein treatment in order not to suffer moisture overload. A bit of protein whether through deep conditioner, leave in or shampoo would curb this situation. 

  1. Shower caps to protect your hair when you are out. Though you and I know how to handle our wet hair, it's better to also avoid too much exposure to water. Naturals usually say they aren't afraid getting caught in the rain yet how about preserving the style that took you 8 hours to create? 

  2. Mini bottles of oil to carry about can help trap in the moisture your hair absorbs from the atmosphere. Take advantage of that and seal with oil.

  3. Blow dryer to dry the hair or a hooded dryer since air drying during the rainy season can take hours. 

I'd take rainy season over harmattan any day yet we can only make use of each season whenever we have it. 


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