6 Months Vitamins Challenge

Vitamins challenges  have been a constant feature on this blog. Over the years, I've used hair supplements to complement my hair care efforts.

Well,  at last, we've reached the vitamins challenge for 2016. Taking supplements for hair isn't the only purpose of this challenge.

In addition to growing your hair, you can derive other benefits. These include replenishing lost vitamins as a result of the cooking process. Also, filling the gap in vitamins your food lacks, giving your body to opportunity to repair itself as well as even obtaining healthy skin.

Most often, ladies take vitamins for about 30 days to determine its effectiveness or not but 30 days isnt' enough time for the body to fully benefit.

Challenge Details

However, this challenge isn't for just the month of July. In the video, I talk about how long the challenge will last. In addition, I address what vitamins we are taking and how often we have to check in. I've been taking vitamins since 2013 and haven't been failed yet.

Whether you have hair or regular women's vitamins, vitamin C or Cod liver oil, the important thing is you are taking some supplement to help your body stay healthy and also help with hair growth.





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