6 Weeks Post Relaxer Update

This update is an absolutely late post but I still have to give you a rundown of events. 

 For the whole of the 6th week, I used the jbco on my edges almost daily but for the  Scalp , probably once. 

My scalp isn't itching like it does when I braid it up sometimes. This braid is versatile so I switch styles whenever I want to which kills boredom. 

I've been extremely diligent and consistent with the hair vitamins too and my skin is already showing the awesomeness of the supplement. 

The right cheek that used to be a headache is clearing up so fast! Together with the fade serum, my face is almost back to its former glory  and that's an exciting news. 

To more exciting news :Our forum is back! Moving from bugger to wordpress messed up the forum but it's has been  sorted out and it's now bigger,  better,  more fun and interactive. You can post topics on all issues concerning your hair, Wight loss, Skin care and make up! 

Just go to the forum here 

Let's invite our friends and family, colleagues to the forum. 

Send them this link. 


We also have debate topic of the day on the forum so do drop your views anytime. 


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