Acne! 3 foods that cause it, and 4 foods that curb it.

Ever had acne? Not the mild ones that can easily be taken care of with one dab of lotion. ACNE ACNE! Remember how self-conscious it made you feel? Using all the creams and powders just to ‘cover up’ your blemishes. Those times are not one of my favourite honestly, and I trust I’m not the only one. Today we’ll be looking at our skin, our face especially, studying the foods that cause acne, as well as others that are equally or more healthy, but do not contribute to the formation of hills and erupted volcanoes on our beautiful faces.

· Sugar

Don’t get too stressed. Taking sugar is good generally, as it provides us with energy. The quantity consumed however, will determine its effect in your system. Too much of everything is bad, as we’ve heard time without number and sugar isn’t any different. High consumption of sugar increases the level of insulin in your blood. This results in an over production of sebum (skin oils), and that causes the manifestation of pimples and acne. In short, control the sugar luvvah!

· Cow’s milk

Milk spikes your blood sugar levels, increasing skin inflammation and thus, the appearance of pimples. Just like sugar, cow’s milk also tends to increase your insulin levels when taken in excessive content.

· High- Glycaemic foods

Heavy word right? Lol. This simply refers to foods that break down extra fast in our systems, as they’ve been processed in one way or the other. Some examples are; Cakes, potato chips, white bread, and the likes. Their quick break down nature causes hormonal fluctuations in our systems, increasing your blood sugar levels as it goes. This then results, as we’ve read earlier, in the appearance of pimples or acne.

This list looks short but it seems to have covered everything we eat regularly right? Well the trick to enjoying these foods without any fear is to moderate your intake. If you can cut processed foods from your diet, or milk, all the better. The main thing to do is to moderate the intake first, to know which of the foods cause you to breakout, and then, cut it off.


· Low Glycaemic foods

These are more natural alternatives, that take time to breakdown in your system, leaving you with the nutrients need to function. These are vegetables, whole grain foods, sweet potatoes, and most fruits.

· Green Tea

Green tea has been found to have EGCG, an antioxidant that reduces the size of sebaceous glands, which are usually enlarged in people with acne. Drink more of it during the day, and try applying it topically. You could apply cool tea bags or a cloth that has been dipped in cool green tea to places on your face prone to acne for 10-15 minutes.

· Fruits & Vegetables

Eating healthy makes you blossom inside all the way out. These help clear up acne naturally. They contain beta-carotenes, which are known to reduce skin oils naturally. They are also naturally anti-inflammatory. All dark green vegetables help to clear toxins that encourage acne from your body.

· Flax seeds or Fish

Flax seeds and fish are rich on omega-3 fatty acids, which help tame inflammation and improve acne breakouts.

So there you have it! New knowledge, new power. I hope this helps everyone, especially those really prone to acne. Try smoothies, fish diets, eating healthy in general and I can assure you you’ll feel and see the difference.

Do you know of any other foods that help increase or decrease acne? Kindly comment below, we’d be glad to hear from you!

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