Hello friends👪,thanks a lot for your comments and shares!Keep it up fans.I am grateful. ☺

So I have been observing the tunes 🎤and beats🎶of life and I realized that if we don't appreciate the little things 💝we have,it will vanish into thin air.To show appreciation is very important👍. It releases stress in this hectic era. Looking around, I noticed 📝that there are a lot of things to appreciate .Just the way a baby 🚼🚼is formed through sexual intercourse 💏💑is wonderful and beautiful. The same way the rate at which hair grows👰💇 is greatly amazing and wonderful too. Have you thought of that?

Everyone's hair grows at different  pace👣👣. Some are faster ,others are slow, even others are slower. Often times, we fail to appreciate the hair on our own heads. But we appreciate other people's hair and forget that our own hair also needs some praises.!

Why not start today?😄

Say something positive➕  to that circumstances➖. 

Say a nice word♥ to that stubborn friend 👿of yours.

Whisper words of wisdom to those who needs it👥👥.

Give your  hair positive look👀👀!

Give your hair👩 a pet name. 

Treat it like a princess💟. 

Appreciate it and it will appreciate you☝.

Thanks For reading.😘

Stay blessed. ✌

I will love to read your comments. 👓

Have a great day 

Stay positive➕ and be good.


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