Be younger for longer: Quote reflections.

​Hello lovely readers! Today I'll be reflecting on a quote I found not too long ago. Hope you enjoy and learn from it:)


This quote is one of many I found in a chapter dedicated to youth and age. It's a rather simple quote at first glance, but it really does represent our very system of existence.
In our youthful age, we're considered 'fresh minds ',  which simply means we're at a stage where we're able to recover quickly from our experiences. With this knowledge, it's safe to say that our youthful days are supposedly when we're at our mental peak. We're able to imagine beyond the barriers of all things called normal; we're exposed to various methods through which a single task can be accomplished; we share moments we would have never imagined, with people we may have never considered.
As we grow, we change (change is after all, the only constant element in life). We suddenly have to consider the reactions and needs of others (try marrying and having kids). Unknowingly, we let go of the otherwise carefree mentality we had back in the day because most of our activities are going to be pre calculated.
Before you reach that stage of 'mind wrinkling', assess your youthful self;
~Have I really lived during my youthful years?
~Have I thought of and undertaken any activity that'll cause a positive stir/change in my circle of existence?
~ Have I wrinkled my mind before its due time?
These ought to put into perspective the state of your mind and how youthful it really is. Are you living life based on the dream of another person or are you living your own?
Are you living and learning, relishing the joy of your youth?
When I was younger, I was taught that if you frown, you wrinkle early. Since then, I've been the ambassador for teethy smiles (😆).

 In the same way, let your mind smiletoday. Don't let anything prevent you from enjoying and creating a world of your own in your youth. Make mistakes, and learn from them. Running away from mistakes simply means you really aren't living- life has never been a smooth road.

Thanks for reading everyone! 


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