Blog Hijacking by a Naturalista

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Now I know many of you are wondering; whose face is that? Where did she come from? WHERE IS ABENA?!😱 Before you panic, Abena is safe lol. This is just a brief introduction to a guest blogger-ME!☺

Hii everyone, I’m Kuukua Yawson, a 21 year old final year Architecture student! I’m half Fante, and half Northern (I’m shameless, I don’t know exactly where🙈). I’m a self-acclaimed blogger with two blogging websites to my name (You should check them OUT!). I love to talk, but I love writing more, and oh yes, I love my huurr!!

I’m a natural haired girl- have been since birth- who started her hair journey somewhere in July 2104. Before that, I had no idea that taking care of your hair was actually a ‘thing’ in the world. Thanks Aunt Joyce for showing me the light! I’m now a proud owner of a two year old halfco head of hair (halfo- 3c, 4a, 4ab textures), and I’m loving it!💃🏽

Hair goals, hmmmm….🤔

I’ve had soo many (especially that one time where I wanted to fly from shoulder length hair to waist length in one year😂), but with my current length being almost bra strap (I’ve had some sad shedding this first half of the year), if all my challenges during the year are yet to kick in then I’d proudly proclaim a quick road to mid back length by December.

In terms of products, Kuukua is a recovering product junkie.🙈 Being a product junkie hasn’t been easy at all. Being a student AND a product junkie is even worse trust me! But I made it through, thanks to savings, wish list groups and several giveaways (giveaways are bae oo!) at the moment the products I use are;

· Aunt Jackies-the full set

· Eluscene herbal essence shampoo

· Aubrey organics conditioner

· DIY oil mix

· Chapter 2000

· Curl junkies deep conditioning treatment

· Oyin hair dew

· Hawaiian Silky leave in conditioner

· Zabri naturals co wash

There are more but these are the ones I use frequently, and guess what! I won most of them lol.

After products comes a regimen right? Well here’s mine, it’s basic really.

· Protective styling most of the time

· Prepoo before every wash

· Wash with shampoo weekly

· Dc every week

· Tea rinses every two weeks

· Moisturise and seal daily

· I try to trim and thread twice every year

· I also try to massage my scalp daily

Well that’s it everyone! Get ready for more posts from me! I’ll be blogging about hair and skin care, life issues in general, and maybe some reviews! I’d love to hear from you from the comment section. Thanks for reading loves!😘

Kuukua (Shantays)


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