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Being a two year old natural, one can say I’ve been in the natural hair game for quite some time😎. The beginning of the journey, for most of us, can be very unsettling because it tends to ‘take a lot of our time’. From pre pooing, to washing, to deep conditioning, styling and oh my let’s not forget all those DIY treatments!😱 One can practically lose your entire weekend to your hair if you’re new to the business. Many beginners, even veterans in the game thus, tend to rely on salons for a little bit of hair sugar:).

Some weeks ago I read on how a hairstylist snuck relaxer into shampoo, and applied it onto an unsuspecting client’s natural hair. This sparked fury in the natural hair world as most naturals were absolutely offended and ultimately insulted. As I read the story, I just seemed to ask myself, ‘if the stylist was the personal stylist of the said client, would she have done that? If the stylist knew how to cater for natural haired clients, would that incident have occurred?’ in effect I decided to talk about the need for us as hair care lovers, especially naturals, to have a particular stylist, or salon. Yes, no matter how DIY-fied you are, you should try to get one. In choosing a stylist, there are some key things that you must consider, as well as do.


In some parts of the world, there are particular salons and stylists who cater for the various hair types. There are natural hair salons, relaxed hair salons, salons for people with locs, and so on. In Ghana as we know it, up until recently all salons claimed t cater for all hair types when actually this was not the case. In choosing a salon for your hair type, it’s important that you find a salon that specialises for your type of hair. This makes understanding and treating of your hair easier, preventing any mishaps. In the event that you were referred to a salon by a friend, use that friend as a study. Go with your friend on one of her salon days and study the way they relate to her hair, as well as to her.  Most salons in Ghana lose clients due to their poor customer service skills. Ask them questions on their treatment methods; test their hair intellect people! You’re trying to find out if they really do know what they’re about so don’t hold back anything AT ALL!


I’m a person of familiarity so I tread on the proximity point very carefully. I personally do not going all the way from Tema to Dansoman to treat my hair to good loving, provided the outcome is what I want:). It’s really a bonus finding a stylist who understands your hair within proximity to you. If you’re the type who really minds about location I’ll recommend investment in a freelance hair stylist (if you have ample resources). These are stylist whose locations depend on that of their present client. Some salons may offer this as a service so don’t be afraid to inquire!

Budget! BUGdet!! BUDGET people!!! This is really close to my heart because well I’m a student! Lol. From getting hand-outs to printing assignments and making sure that there’s always stew in my fridge😭, it gets really hard to splurge some money on a salon spa day. My alternative is way better; my best friend:). She’s my personal hairstylist and she is the beat because she knows my hair, as well as how I want it to be treated. Her charges aren’t as exorbitant but the outcome, PRICELESS!  Having your friend take care of your hair helps make it easier for you to tell her how to treat your hair. Invest in your friends, trust me, you will not regret it. If you’re lucky, she’ll offer to wash and condition for you. Talk about added bonuses lol.

Hairstylists are great, once you’ve found the one that’ll help your hair flourish and not diminish. Do you have a personal hair stylist? Kindly comment below, we’d love to know!😁




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