Current Skin Care Products (January - July, 2016)

From the beginning of the year,  I set out to make sure my skin the focus of the year and not my hair so I've been diligent with my skin care products.


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So far,  it's been a fight with acne scars but that's going to be over soon. When selecting skin care products, especially, for the face, consider these factors before purchasing them.

  1. Your skin type: There are several ways of testing for your skin type and for me, I've noticed I have a combination skin. The funny thing is that most of the products in the markets are geared towards dry skin as if all of us have that type of skin. Some may have oily face but the rest of the body is very dry. By letting your skin type guide you, you stand a better chance of getting the results you want.

  2. Your budgets: I make provisions for any purchases ahead of time so I can select the urgent products. You'll save a lot of money if you know what your immediate needs are.


In the video,  I share my facial cleansers, facial scrubs and facial moisturizers.

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