Deep conditioning Dry Clean Hair

For almost or more than a year, I simply apply a deep conditioner for about 5 minutes, rinse off and call it a wash. Suddenly, it dawned on me that there are several things wrong with this lazy deep conditioning.
1. Waste of money and deep conditioner
2. Ineffective deep conditioning sessions.
3. Constantly dry hair

All these are negative hair practices and need to stop. The root cause is lack of time and not having that ability to wash, step out, deep condition for an hour, hop back and out. See the hassle?

Solution 1

Now, though, I've decided to use another unconventional method to solve these negative practices. The new method isn't a new thing but something I've always thought about yet not really implemented.
1. Shampoo or Co wash in the morning when I shower.
2. Deep condition at night or overnight.

How far will this work? With deep conditioning, the best is on dry hair so the hair can absorb the product. That's the reason why you need to T shirt dry after shampoo before applying the deep conditioner. So, in between the shampoo and conditioner, the hair will get dry which wouldn't be an issue.

The concern is hygral fatigue with the wetting in the morning and evening but I can control that with prepoo prior to shampoo which is easy to do in the morning.
So, if I'll wash on Friday morning before work, it won't be possible with this short hair. However, when it's longer, it will work.
That leaves Saturday morning and evening. For now, I will work with that.
I tried the first dry deep conditioning with ors hairepair nourishing conditioner for 5 hours prior to my night shower. I liked the end result.
With a method like this, I think I can do about three sessions next week which is a free week for me.

Solution 2

I could also deep condition after shower and rinse off in the sink. The thing about this method is that when I take my shower,  I feel clean. Rising off products after shower makes me feel not really completely clean. Hope it makes sense. I may have the water running off  my neck or something Iike that. However,  I do go to the salon after shower so I guess these two techniques can be used hand-in-hand. 

So,  either I apply deep conditioning treatment after shower and rinse off in the  washroom sink or deep condition in the evening. 

Which one seems more convenient? Technique no. 2 but which one makes me like wash day,  no. 1. 

Having two wash techniques is ok and my choice of any will depend on the time available.

Solution 3

Someone suggested I shampoo in the sink,  apply the deep conditioner and take a shower later. The thing is sometimes,  you have to rush out of the house unplanned and having deep conditioning treatment on the head in the morning like that is too risky for me Lol. But I'll consider all these methods and probably alternate them depending  on the time as I said. 

Let's sum up

Week Day Wash

Shampoo and deep condition after sink wash in the evenings or leave deep conditioner overnight. 


Shampoo in the shower,  deep condition in the evening. 

Shampoo and deep condition and rinse under sink, probably right from bed and then shower. 

Whatever the method,  I'm upping the deep conditioning game starting from July. 


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