Do you have a Hair Buddy?

Never heard of them? Then you probably don't have a hair community. Where have you been?!:o

Hair buddies are the best thing you could ever have when on a healthy hair journey. It isn't a platform for any competition, but rather for the exchange of knowledge as well as keeping each other in check. 
Here are some tips in choosing your hair buddy as well as the benefits.


▪Get a buddy who has a similar;

  • hair type

-hair length

-hair goal

▪Choose someone you're really comfortable with within that community.

▪Be prepared to learn-we all don't know everything.

▪Be willing to share


▪Your buddy constantly reminds you of healthy hair practices to do daily.

▪You can go on hair challenges together- for moral support lol.

▪You don't only exchange products you could even swap products!

If you dont have, one get one! There are so many hair communities with different people; from WhatsApp to Facebook; Twitter to Instagram! Just look around you'll be surprised.😎

Do you have a hair buddy? Tell us your experience. Comment below!


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