Empty Bottle!

After weeks on the zincovit multivitamins, I've finally had an empty bottle.

[caption width="169" align="aligncentre"]Zincovit multivitamins Zincovit multivitamins [/caption]

Zincovit comes in capsules and syrup. However,  the syrup is a bit cheaper. It has a nice fruity taste which makes it easy to take. I took 10 ml each day and did experience the same level of energy when I'm on hair vitamins too.
Will I take it again? Probably when I'm breastfeeding again! 

Hair Growth? 

I can't measure or determine the growth I had though my nails were still as strong as they were when I was on vitacost.

For my skin,  I didn't notice anything too. It doesn't claim to be for skin so I won't  be bothered about that. 

Currently, I'm on nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins soft gels. I may interrupt this with the mielle organics vitamins for a while. 


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