Facial Routine 11-15 July

Here are the facial Routines used this week.


Morning :

  1. Applied sea salt and aloe vera solution

  2. Cleansed with clean and clear advantage soothe foam wash

  3. Used clean and clear morning energy skin facial scrub

  4. Allied forever Clair exfoliating toner

  5. Applied clear and smooth acne pimple medication to the right cheek and Jamaican Black Castor Oil all over the face. This oil helps with acne  treatment too so I use it once in a while.


  1. Washed with foam wash

  2. Used escenti gel facial scrub and rinsed off.

  3. Applied exfoliating toner

  4. Applied fade serum on the left cheek and Jamaican Black Castor Oil on the right cheek to heal the place.



Followed Monday morning facial Routine, but  used the fade serum all over the face after using the exfoliating toner.


Cleansed with the foam wash and escenti gel facial scrub. Applied toner and fade serum all over face after using the acne medication one the right cheek.


Same cleansing steps but after toner, applied fade serum to whole face.

In the night,  I did the same thing again.


For morning,  I used the foam wash and escenti gel scrub, then, toner and Neutrogena visibly clear oil-free moisturizer.

For evening, I shaved the two cheeks with a shaving stick  and applied fresh aloe vera gel. I allowed it to dry.


Same routine for morning and evening, I used the  fade serum alone. I think the serum is working so I'll keep applying it twice a day and monitor the progress of the skin. 

How do you care for your skin? 

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