Facial Routine 4-10th July

I've been getting quizzed as to why I don't share daily skin care routine since my facial routine varies from day to day.

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The truth is daily updates will be difficult to keep up with so I can do a weekly summary. A sort of compressed posts Lol.

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This week, the battle was with the right cheek. That part has some naughty pimples that refuse to vanish so I developed a routine for that side.wp-image-816209016jpg.jpeg

  1. When in make up, I remove the make up as soon as I get home, wash with the clean and clear advantage soothe foam wash and apply aloe vera gel and sea salt solution.


  1. During shower, wash again with foam wash or Neutrogena visibly clear exfoliating Wash (I use it two or three times a week).

  1. Follow up with Clean and clear morning energy skin energising daily facial scrub.

  2. Apply Forever Clair exfoliating toner with a baby towel (my cotton is finished)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Left cheek Left cheek[/caption]

  1. Apply maxi tone Diva fade serum on the left cheek and Clear and smooth acne pimple medication on the right cheek.

Morning facial routine:
Just foam wash, facial scrub, toner and oil free moisturizer.
So far, the right cheek seems to be getting better so  I'll continue this routine this week until the acne is gone.

I just discovered how to use toothbrush to cleanse the face. I'll share my thoughts on it at the end of the week.

What I need now is additional facial scrubs and a sunscreen.


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