Facial Routine: A Beginner's Steps.

Just as we love the smell and feel of freshly washed clothes, and the look of just cleaned cars, our skin requires a level of cleanliness, where your skin is left feeling practically brand new. This is why a facial routine is super important. A facial routine ensures that all clogged up pores are cleansed thoroughly, preventing the occurrence of acne or those rashes that leave you no choice than to apply more concealer than you bargained for.

Facial routines do not have to be tiresome. In actual fact, all you need in creating one is knowledge of the fundamental steps. There are 3 basic steps in ensuring your facial routine caters thoroughly for all build-up;


Imagine a just washed car (private, trotro, taxi, any one you call bae lol). Visualise how sleek that car looks just after its wash. The way the sun reflects on the bonnet, giving it an almost perfect shine. Jerh isn’t it? Likewise, in caring for our faces, it is first and foremost important to rid it of all the build-up it acquired during the day or week. This is usually done with an oil, a carrier oil to be precise. Most beauty experts recommend olive, coconut and castor oils for this purpose. These oils aim at lifting off the easily removable dirt particles found on the surface of your skin.

In applying the oil try your best to use cotton/ cotton pads. You would not want additional dirt from elsewhere on your face now would you? Clean your face using an anti-clockwise motion on either side, and leave the oil on for 10-20 minutes. You can then wash off the oil with soap and warm water. This is done to totally clear your face of the dirt the oils were able to lift. After this, you are ready to EXFOLIATE.


Exfoliation is a term referring to the removal of the oldest and dead skin cells on the epidermis (skins’ outermost surface) of our skin. This is usually done mechanically by the use of a facial scrub and a loofah or exfoliating gloves (if you have neither loofah nor gloves, your finger pads work just fine;)). After washing your face, you apply the scrub to your face in the same anti-clockwise motion as before, massaging it onto either side of your face. Do not forget your forehead, below your nose and chin! Lol. The scrub can be kept on whilst you go about your daily activities, for about 20-30 minutes. After the said time, you wash the scrub and then apply a facial toner.

A facial toner is a mild mist that further removes oils, traces of dirt and grime, balancing your skins PH as it goes. They’re extra helpful to people with oily or acne prone skin, or those who apply makeup usually. Using cotton/cotton pads, saturate them with a toner of your choice and apply to your face and neck. You could follow up with a steaming session. This involves placing a warm face towel over your face for some minutes. You could infuse your warm water with an essential oil and this will double the benefits, as it is known as a very beneficial aromatherapy method. Now we’re going to MOISTURISE💃!


We’re almost done! This is the last basic stage of a facial routine. It involves the application of a moisturising oil or lotion of your choice. The lotion ensures your skin remains conditioned, preventing dryness and serving as protection for the epidermis as this part of your skin has literally been cleaned inside out. After this step, you’re ready to conquer anything!

There you have it! Easy as making a cup of tea isn’t it? A really basic routine that does not even last an hour. It’s key to note that the regularity of your routine will ensure your face stays cleansed, healthy, young and flawless! Find a day that works for you and stick to it. Try products, research on DIY versions, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Do you have a facial routine? What are your steps? Do you DIY? Kindly let us know below!

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