Ganyobi Naa writes: Guest Blogger introductory post

Hi everyone, this is Naa Kowah Quaye a lady in her mid-twenties who's zealous about life. I'm 'sandwiched' between two girls in a Ga family, I mean to say I'm the 2nd born. You can call me Ganyobi Naa and British Accra is my root.

I love to read, listen more and above all put my thoughts and ideas into writting. And what more? It just doesn't end there! I love to share my knowledge and ideas. My favourite areas of interest are in health and hair care. More importantly I'm a professional Nurse and  a Clinical Advisor at Vodafone Healthline Ghana therefore I'm enthused about everything concerning health and whenever I get the chance, I don't hesitate to share.

Ok let me announce to y'all...I'm a natural hair fanatic. I've had my hair for 3years but I only started a healthy hair journey just a year ago. Before then, I had no idea there was any such thing as a healthy hair journey. Before now, natural hair products weren't so common and its services thereof weren't readily available. However, today the story is totally different!🙌...heaves a sigh Day in and day out on the various social media platforms, we are inundated with avalanche of hair care tips in fact left, right and center all😂 so one can have no excuse...rolls eyes

I personally stumbled on a couple of them in a natural hair group on facebook. My curiosity got piqued 😱. I began to comb the internet rigorously for more of such platforms and that actually birthed my healthy natural hair journey 😇

Currently these are the products I use

My DIY alata shampoo (African black soap)

Vo5 moisture milks conditioner

Zabrinaturals creamy coco Shea moisturising conditioner

Zabrinaturals hydration on the go with lemon grass oil

Zabrinaturals peppermint oil anti itch therapy with sulphur

Vitale olive oil hair mayonnaise

Giovanni direct leave in weightless moisture conditioner

Products I have used in the past

Eya naturals black soap shampoo

Eya naturals leave in lotion

Eya Naturals detangling conditioner

We naturals rinse out conditioner (hemp oil range)

Tropical roots cleanse and deposit anti itch shampoo spray

My staple ingredients


Aloe Vera gel

Coconut oil

Olive oil


Ok so after a list of products what follows is a regimen.  Frankly speaking I don't have a strict regimen. Below are my go-to tips on how I maintain my hair which has worked for me. Sometimes I do some tweaks here and there based on my hair needs and my mood.

I prepoo and shampoo weekly sometimes twice when my scalp itches badly especially in the hot weather. Days on which I'm lazy I skip the prepoo process.

Deep conditioning after shampoo.

Protein treatment when needed.

Moisturising and sealing with Shea butter.

Hair style :  Preferably kinky braids which can last me a good deal of 2-4months.

I must say that based on my assessment of my hair so far I would like to make some few changes in this regimen which I will feature in a future post  soon.

Basically this is a brief introduction of myself as a Guest Blogger. From time to time I will be making posts on hair care, hair tips and hacks, some DIYs,  health issues and once in a while a product review.

Join me as I walk you through an amazing journey and an unforgettable experience trust me✌✌✌. I will be more than glad to read your thoughts, feedback and respond to questions in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and do have a wonderful week 😍 . Once again your girl 'Ganyobi' Naa.









  1. Hi Naa, could you please do a review on the Eya Naturals hair products? I am thinking of buying the set and would like to be informed before I do. Thanks

  2. Naa Kowah6:41 pm

    Thanks for reading Kaya I will surely consider your request.


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