Going From Ear Length to Neck Length

The ear length is usually the starting  length of newbies and so,  this is the opportune time to move with  me to get beyond that length.


By journeying together,  we get to see progress and encourage each other. For me,  neck length isn't a new thing as even with damaged hair,  I had more than shoulder length hair.

There are three things to help get to Neck length.
**Consistent routine : deep conditioning,  moisturizing and sealing  as well as healthy diet which includes supplements where needed.

When my hair is out, I'm going to continue the mid week conditioner wash and deep condition. As for moisturizing and sealing,  I do pretty well with it at least twice a week.
I'd like to have at least 1.5-2 inches of new growth  by the next touch so these practices can help with that as well as retention  of the growth.


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