Its been nearly a week since we started our six months vitamins challenge💊💊. The thought of growing our hair to the desirable length 👩,having glowing skin👱 and vibrant nails💅💅 encourages us enough to take our multivatamins.These multivatamins also boost our immune system as well. 🙌

So since I am a student🎓,I need to PLAN📝 and BUDGET📋 in order to partake in this challenge. 

My vitamins which contain 250 soft gels is supposed to be taken three times daily ( will finish early paa)😁

But I developed a plan📁 which will make my vitamins last for four months. 

For the first month (July ),it will be taken three times daily ,So 31×3=93 soft gels thus 157 will be left. 

For the second month (August )it will be just as it was in the month of July. Therefore 64 will be left right?

For the third and fourth months, it will be taken once a day combined with folic acids..

So simple right...?:D

Whilst doing that, my susu box will be filling up..(savings)📦

Life of a student. 📑

A student 's pocket.👛

Save a cedi a day. 

Thank you all for reading.😘

I appreciate your comments.

What multivitamins are you taking? 


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