I've Won The Battle With Acne!

I'm such a goal-oriented person that once I set my heart on achieving something, I go all out to get that and this battle with acne is one fight I'm not going to lose.

The latest issue is the acne breakouts on the right cheek whilst the left cheek is fresh Lol. Why? I'm suspecting it's because I sleep on the right side. In any case, the line of action was to figure out how to stop new breakout and that's when I discovered something else.

My face felt oily within hours of bathing and even when I use oil free moisturizers! Can you imagine that? So, I realized I had to wash my face twice a day to remove those oils.

Additionally, I realized I broke out each time I use the Avon anew retexturizing peel, perhaps because I had pimples  on my skin, I was just aggravating the skin. With 10%glycolic acid, my skin might be suffering from the harshness of the product.  That's just my theory so I now use it on my pimple free part of the face and guess what? My skin responses very well to it! 

As soon as I got consistent again, within 48 hours, my skin improved. 
The Facial Routine 

This is what I've been using :

  1. Wash face

  2.  Use facial scrub

  3.  Use toothbrush to gently to scrub - I've upgraded from a bit hard to gently  to avoid being rough with the skin.

  4.  Use another  scrub (if I wash my hair) rinse off

  5. Use exfoliating toner, allow to dry and apply the  clear and smooth acne pimple medication and allow to dry and then oil free moisturizer. 

Once in awhile,  I'll use a facial peel or clay mask either in the morning or evening. 


Wash face with facial wash and apply aloe vera gel. By shower, I apply the wash again and scrub. I follow with the toner and acne pimple medication and fade serum. (check my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/EmprezzAbena  for all these products. 

As I mentioned,  just 48 hours of this routine reduced the bumps on my face. This picture was taken on the 10th.



I got forever Clair exfoliating toner and maxitone fade serum for the night. I apply the serum more on  the cheeks as that's where I have the  darkening due to the pimples. 

I'm using the fade serum in the night because you are not to be in the sun with it. I saw forever skin tone too and will pick it up anytime I go to the mall again! 

The next thing is to prevent recurrence of the acne aka pimple. 


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