There is this guy who has fixed his eyes on me or should I say I have fix my eyes on this guy..♡♡.He has been on my mind for six months. Yes. Such a long time.💝💝.I have dreamed,fantasized and visualized about this guy..Such an incredible love story innit?
I guess my friends👥👥will love this guy.
So I said to my self, I must get you this baby boy!.I will woo you with money💰💰.
So at the beginning of the year, I bought a 'susu' box📦 to start saving  a cedi day..Well I must confess here,I was not consistent at all,I could skip a day or two..But once this guy crawls into mind,I hasten 🏃my savings and attached the spirit of discipline!

When #ghanaianemprezz announced the six months vitamins challenge, I said to myself..OK let me open my 'susu' box 🔓📦 aka piggy bank. Wow! I was surprised and amazed at the outcome:).You should try saving a cedi a day consistently friends! Its works. I had more than enough.
Hurriedly,I went to fetch my baby boy. He was beautiful as usual. Yes.

Beautiful,quite shy but yet insisted of saying hello to my friends. I was glad he wanted to say hello because I want to my friends to know I am happy to have you baby boy. (Natures bounty extra strength hair,skin and nails [argan oil infused].


OK,now  my likes about this new guy.

✔.I love the colour of the packaging.

✔I like the fact that it contains 250 soft gels.

✔I love the colour of the gel too.

This is my first time trying this product and I hope it's treats me good.. lol .I  will testify it's goodness in two weeks Time.



My starting picture.

What vitamins are you taking?
Are you up for the challenge?
Let me know of your views.
Comment and share...
Thanks for reading.😘😘


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