My Goals For The Vitamins Challenge

As the vitamins challenge is on, I won't want to just up and take the vitamins without setting realistic goals for myself.

The main goal is healthy hair but for me, healthy hair is an inclusive term. From the minimal shedding, hydrated scalp, hydrated strands, strengthened strands to no breakage, I want the vitamins to go beyond just long hair.

[caption width="400" align="aligncentre"]Craving Yellow Inspiration: Craving Yellow [/caption]

The first though is to be able to hold a pony/bun by 8th October . The 3 months interval is to mean 3 inches. 
Now, I will be taking nature's bounty HSN soft gels for the 6 months. This a good time to see if the soft gels work as I previously didn't do a proper documentation of the progress. In addition to it, I'll be trying the mielle organics vitamins, mane choice vitamins and growth oil.

Now, to the other goals.
1. Minimize shedding. Thankfully, I've not had issues of shedding this year. I don't want to even experience it so I'm hoping this vitamins will help with that.
2. Thickness: Even though I always aim for bone straight hair, I don't get that results so I'm just going to allow the hair do its thing. The vitamins can help the new growth to be thicker.
3. Lastly, maintaining the dark hair. I read that grey hair can be the result of vitamin deficiency sometimes. I have seen a couple already and don't want to see more Lol. Talk about genetics versus vitamins.

So, these are the goals I want to achieve at the end of the first 6 months vitamins Challenge.
What are your goals?


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