Natural Hair Inspiration : Ama K. Abrebrese

Our Ghanaian celebrity today is our own famous Ama K. Abrebrese who has always been proud of showing her natural hair both on facebook, instagram and most especially in her movies like 'Sinking Sands'. I don't know if the writer had her hair in mind because she wore her hair out for most part of the movie.


Ama K. Abrebrese is part of the pioneers of natural haired celebrities in Ghana and I've seen a couple of female celebrities rocking their natural hair to events too. When she debuted her afro on our screens, it was exhilarating watching her. How many female celebrities could do that at that period?


Her courage to show case her natural hair on and off air is beyond inspiring! Most often, the celebrities hide their hair under wigs and weaves when on air or at functions so to see one who isn't bothered about what people think of her is a huge inspiration.


I first got motivated by Ama K. Abrebese  when I saw her hair in Sinking Sands and throughout the movie promotion. Alongside Lydia Forson, they both praise and encourage women to embrace their natural hair all the time!


I got to also see her at a bank once and she had a wedding ring on which could probably mean she's married. Actually, the man driving the car had the same band. If she's married, I would really give her a standing ovation for keeping her private life out of the limelight. Privacy can be an issue when you live under the microscope called " celebrity life".

I'm looking out for a post on how she cares for her hair, the products she uses, her stylist, how long she's been natural and more. May be I'll send her a chat to get her over our blog. It would be awesome!

Which of her movies is your favourite or have  you watched?

Images : courtesy of Instagram



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