Natural Hair Inspiration : Priscilla

From our days on campus till now, Priscilla has seen all the ups and downs abut my hair and she has also taken the plunge to take care of her hair. I remember when we would wonder how to get out sand from the hair after a marathon prayer section at the gardens  on  Saturday mornings 

She started taking better care of her relaxed hair and along the way,  decided to give natural hair a go. She's been very diligent with her products and the results have been very inspiring. 

When  Priscilla gets to waist length, I'll definitely share the update with you. At this rate,  she will be  Bra strap Length by next year. 

Interact with  Priscilla on the forum too.


  1. Amazing, i remember when its all started, am really proud of her. She has patience and takes keen interest in the products that her hair likes, not the one everyone is buying. Keep going my dear waist length all the way!


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