Nature's Bounty Hair skin and nails vitamins Day 1

The Nature's Bounty Hair skin and nails vitamins isn't a new supplement. I took it somewhere last year around this time or so and though I couldn't give a definite growth rate, I did notice some increase in hair growth.


Why Nature's Bounty Soft Gel

The gummies are tasty and all that but there are only 3 vitamins in them which aren't adequate for my body needs. Aside the biotin,  there is vitamin C and also Vitamin E.

On the other  hand, the Argan oil soft gel contains a wide variety of vitamins including biotin. This makes it a better option  for me. In addition to hair growth, I need a vitamin that can give my body a wholistic source of nutrients. My usual focus in terms of ingredient are zinc, folic acid and then biotin. If the supplement has these ingredients, I'm good to go. When you take a supplement that can cater to your needs, you help your body to build immunity to petty infections like colds. I noticed that each time I go off such vitamins,  I easily fall prey to infections. The last flu outbreak we had in the home was so terrible that everyone had it but I didn't. I believe it's because my immune system had the boast it needed.


The Argan oil soft gel therefore is the choice at this moment and other supplement will be of a similar composition for the same reason.

What Else? 

As I mentioned in the previous post,  I'll be using the mane choice hair oil on the Scalp during the 6 months vitamins Challenge too. I'd like to reap maximum benefit within the time frame as whether you use the time or not,  time flies!  I'll make sure I take in more fruits as usual to add more nutrients to the body.

What is your plan for the  most month?


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