No Buy Challenge Check In

It's been a while since I went on another no Buy challenge. 

So far,  it's been good. The fact is I actually don't need anything yet so it makes the challenge easier. However,  it doesn't mean I haven't been tempted to  purchase stuff but I channeled all that into skin care products which I'll be reviewing soon. 

The good thing about channeling the desires is that you get to focus on another part of your life that was not part of your budget. By getting these skin care products, I've satisfied a desire for flawless skin. 

This step will also ensure that my life isn't lop-sided. I'm able to enhance several areas of my life that can get neglected because of purchasing hair products. 

[caption width="400" align="aligncentre"]Cantu sheabutter products Cantu sheabutter products [/caption]

I have about 2 months to go but I had  two items to restock or replace. My leave in conditioner has been restocked with the Cantu sheabutter leave in foam and the co wash, as well as a split end mender that I got to help with the ends. The aim is to apply to the ends each might to moisturize it. 

 The other products are forever Clair exfoliating toner and maxi tone fade serum for fading dark parts. 

[caption width="400" align="aligncentre"]Skin care products Skin care products [/caption]

I think I've done a good job and now the only thing I need is a foam wrap. 

For my skin,  expect more hauls because this a year for my skin.   Also,  I'll be showing you some few look book from fashion haul. I still have a long list but one at a time
What have you purchased or not purchased? 


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