Poem; A Reflection on Growth

Hiiiiii!!! Today sadly isn't hair day but I promise this is equally  beautiful. It's about growing. Most of us (myself inclusive) are scared of growth. One thing we should note is that growth doesn't necessarily mean age only, but behavioral, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth. True, old people find 'nonfa' stuff funny lol, but i think growing older molds us as individuals and teaches us that there actually is more to life than what most people settle for. Hope you enjoy this piece everyone! xoxo...


The bus doors open and she walks in,

A rather fragile being at the first sight.

Grandma looks for a seat; her chance to rest her weary knees.

As I offer her mine, my heart feels rather light.

I begin to see myself in her eyes

And I imagine what it would be like……..


…………My hair will tell of what life revealed to me.

My wrinkles would lay proudly on my face, telling of all the times a smile couldn’t find me.

My smile today, will show my response to all the attacks from the enemy called fear.

My hands, soft and fragile, would tell of my survival throughout my active years.


I would tell my children stories of my young and active days,

Watching as they laugh and cry at stories of my cunning and solemn ways.

I will look at my children with love and affection,

As they look at their children with love and confusion

Unsure of what to do or what to say

The traits of growing parents today.

I would look up at my better half and we would reminisce

Rekindling the love of old that never really went cold.


As I looked at this grandma, her eyes reflecting her smile, I smiled right back.

In that instant, I had all I needed to know

In that instant, I wasn’t afraid to grow.

All my joys and problems were just scenes in my life’s play.

I knew this wasn’t a stage in which forever I’d stay.


I’m not scared to grow now; Grandma showed me that.

I won’t wallow in constant sorrow; pGrandma’s smile taught me that.

I’ve found more joy in maturity; I’ve found joy in the cycle of life.

I found beauty in life; Life in the eyes of a grandma.

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-Kuukua (Shantays).


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