Most people on a hhj are introduced to pre- pooing early in their journey. Many do it just because they’ve been advised to, without knowing the actual benefits. Others on the other hand, do not include it in their regimens simply because, they do not see the need. First off however, what IS pre poo?

Pre poo simply put, means before shampoo.. So in effect, pre poo is a treatment applied unto hair prior to washing. It is the application of conditioners (in the form of oils, creams, butters or even fruit) onto hair. All you have to do is to section your hair and apply your desired pre poo; cover your hair for 15-30 minutes or possibly, overnight. You then rinse it out and continue with your usual routine. It is important to note however, that if you co wash, you will not need to pre-poo, as conditioners do not completely strip our hair of its oils.


· Pre poo helps in detangling your strands. The use of conditioners loosens most tangles, avoiding excess hair loss during the process of detangling. It prepares your hair for the manipulation that detangling brings and as such, is really needed in your routine

· Pre poo retains moisture in your hair. It is recommended for people who experience drying out of their hair. Bi-weekly should do the trick.  The oils and butters used as a pre poo shield your hair from the dryness that can be brought by the use of shampoos.

· The use of oils such as amla, coconut and olive oils not only retain moisture, but they also give you ultra-defined curl patterns, leaving your tresses super soft! Now who would not want that! Lol.

Do you pre poo? Has it been of help to you? Do you have any recipes to share? We’re dying to know, just comment below! Thanks again for reading.😚

                                                       Kuukua (Shantays)


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