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I’ve never been one to care for my face. Thinking back I’ve never really had what you’d term as ‘perfect’ skin, but I just didn’t seem to feel bothered- there was no need, after all, I wasn’t from a family of chronic acne lol.

Early this year a friend introduced me to skin care and skin regimens. I researched a lot, and when I began looking for products, I did not want to spend a lot, seeing as I was a beginner. As if God had been eavesdropping lol, I found a giveaway being held by Teiva, a Ghanaian based skin and hair care Product Company. I entered and won! (yaay for giveaways lol). In addition to the products I won, I decided to add a few more, as their products are not really high priced. The products I won are;

· Teiva Orange Blossom Face Toner

· Teiva Coffee detox scrub

· Teiva chocolate mint soap

· Teiva Shea butter

The products I bought in addition are;

· Teiva Neem Turmeric soap bar

· Teiva 3 in 1 deep cleansing scrub

· Teiva Clarifying facial serum

All 3 products I purchased, in addition to delivery was less than GHc 100 and that was a good investment for me lol.

So far, I’ve used almost all the products, excluding the detox scrub and mint soap. I also learnt a lot of skin care tips from their Instagram page, which I’d recommend for you all to visit. Most of the products are used during my weekly full face clarification- I’ll go into deets in my next post! So let’s start with the review!

1.Teiva Shea butter

This lotion is ideal for skin and face. I loved the consistency the first time I applied it to my face. It really left my face feeling soft and moisturised ALL DAY. It does not feel heavy in any way, and it has a really pleasant smell. The only down side to the lotion is that since it's Shea butter, it tends to harden a bit. However, a little shake and you’re good to go. My sample is almost done, and I’m seriously considering re-stocking lol.

  1. Teiva Clarifying Facial Serum

This serum is a blend of organic oils such as rosehip oil, sweet almond, ylang ylang, olive, vitamin E and lavender. This makes it concentrated and as such, a few drops go a long way. These oils are known for their cleansing, moisturising and conditioning abilities for skin and scalp. I usually squeeze about 5 drops onto cotton and apply on my face 10 minutes before washing, to lift up all the dirt from the day. The oils in addition, act as a ‘pre poo’ for your face, as it helps keep your face moisturised after washing. This serum, I realised, is not only good for skin, but hair as well! Talk about a win win situation!

  1. Teiva 3 in 1 deep cleansing scrub

This is a purely organic scrub. Made from a mixture of kaolin clay, Shea butter, walnut shell powder and a number of essential oils, this scrub fulfils its promise of exfoliation and conditioning, allowing your skin to be more absorbent, as it cleanses your pores deeply. In application, a little really goes a long way. After rinsing, my skin feels as though I have another layer of skin (maybe that’s what scrubs do) so I follow up with my soap bar and my face feels almost baby-like. Using it twice a week should do the trick! (Trust me, I know!)

  1. Teiva Orange Blossom Face Toner

Before beginning my skin care regimen, I knew of only rosewater as a facial toner. It was honestly a surprise when I found out about orange blossom water! I tone my skin right before teaming and the result? Magic. I feel my pores actually open up when the steam touches my face. Use only a few drops if you’re sensitive nosed like myself, because it could be overpowering.

  1. Teiva Neem Turmeric Soap Bar

My go to! My one and only soap bar! I love this soap so much, and it’s only been a month! I use this twice daily, morning and night, right after cleansing with the serum. So far, I love the results. Unlike the raw application of turmeric, this soap does not have the potential of changing your skin tone, so it could be used daily. Neem is also known for its moisturising and cleansing abilities. The turmeric takes care of the spots and acne on the face. Think about it, one soap bar, helping everybody lol. Unless you’re allergic to any of the two ingredients, you’ll love this soap.

I really love all these products and they’ve made me enjoy having a skin regimen. Combining this with my wash day issues is a no-no for me, so I do one a day before the other. Teiva is a really good brand and it extra excites me that it's Ghana made. I’m positive that I’ll recommend them to anyone looking for skin care products. Their hair line? We’ll see one day lol.

Have you used any products from Teiva? How did your skin respond to it? Will you be purchasing any time soon? Kindly comment below!
Kuukua (Shantays)


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