Reader Wants To Know : How Long Will You Take Hair Vitamins?

A reader wants to know how long I will take  hair vitamins and though the answer isn't complicated, it isn't straight forward either.

[caption id="attachment_9619" align="aligncenter" width="225"]mielle organics vitamins mielle organics vitamins[/caption]

Prior to taking hair vitamins, I took  prenatal vitamins and regular multivitamins. With the discovery of hair vitamins, I realized that I could have my cake  and eat  with both hair growth and body supplementation too.

In this regard,  hair vitamins aren't in my stash just because of my hair. However,  I've also noticed that regular multivitamins are more expensive in Ghana than the hair vitamins I take eg the nature's bounty and biotin. That's cost effectiveness to me.

In sum,  No,  I won't stop taking hair vitamins. I may switch them or take prenatal when pregnant.


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