Stop Douching!

What is douching? It's when you insert stuff into your vagina...


Ladies use a variety of of douches; from feminine hygiene washes and those you insert,  pepper,  ginger,  garlic and a host of kitchen items.

The assumptions behind douching is that the inside of the vagina is dirty or unclean. Wait? Will God make something precious like that dirty? The vagina has its own cleansing mechanism. The pH balance is crucial to prevent infections and douching  can throw that balance off.

I watched a youtuber who said she uses her finger to scrub off the inside of the vagina. I really disagreed with her and a host of commenters also stated the effects of that practice.

Some douche when they have infections in the form of yeast infection creams. These  are ok to use but why douche when there's nothing wrong?

Please, let's do the right from the wrong instead of following  word of mouth per Ghanaian culture Lol.


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