The 411 on Crochet

Crochet braids! I see them everywhere! Different styles and colors (some colors more worrisome than others I promise!). I’ve always been one to be very skeptical about certain styles and crochet was one of them. Why? Oh it was very simple; HOW CAN I REMOVE CROCHET BRAIDS ON MY OWN WITHOUT CUTTING MY OWN HARD EARNED HAIR AWAY?! It seems like a silly reason but true talk that was like my crochet-phobia reason. I just seemed to think it’ll be difficult to differentiate between your hair and the crochet knot. So for months and months, this girl was avoiding eye contact with all those bold enough to try this protective style lol. Now one day, I saw a different kind of crochet- the pre-braided crochet hair- and my mind went blank! Everybody say thank you to my Whatsapp group, ROCK_THE_NATURAL! For showing me this type of crochet. At least with this kind, all I had to do was unloop, no cutting needed lol. Shantè fixed my braids (duh!), and might I say so myself I felt jerh some style bi lol.

  1. Crochet braids are super heroes of our edges!

Now I know, this, all crochet stylists know this, and you should be told too! Crochet is bae to our edges trust! During and after installation, there’s no stress whatsoever on your edges (saves you the Naomi Campbell look!). One of the things I did not really fancy about crochet was the fact that the frontage showed a part of the cornrows-where our edges lay in all beauty. Now, oh I love the look! It’s kinda different, kinda cool and hey, it’s saving my hair! An added tip to the protection and growth of your edges is to massage the area daily with Castor oil. I use a mix of castor, amla, coconut, olive and peppermint oils, applying it with a toothbrush in in the mornings and evenings.


  1. Wash/No Wash?

In response, one should consider; the type of hair you’re using, and if you have enough time to search and destroy tangles. I attempted to wash my braids two weeks after installation. Beforehand I researched on whether it was advisable to wash your hair while in crochet and I found varied responses. Since I had product buildup, I did not want to risk having terrible hair odor so I decided to wash. In washing, I diluted my shampoo and applied it using a spray bottle. I then massaged my scalp, trying hard to make sure I got as much dirt unsettled as possible. After this I rinsed off the shampoo from my scalp first with water, then with a mixture of acv and water to act as a dc. My scalp felt really clean and smelled really nice after that, with my braids having minimal frizz since I didn’t wash them as well. Since I plan on keeping my braids in for 6 weeks, I plan on washing it after 3 weeks this time, with weekly acv+ water wipes to refresh my scalp. I don’t forget to moisturize and massage daily either (This is a MUST for every protective style).

3. Crochet hair maintenance

In taking care of your own hair, it’s equally important to take care of the crochet itself, as that’s what everyone sees. If you installed braids like mine these could help you in maintenance;

  • Try applying a little leave-in conditioner on the braids. Not only does it give it sheen, but it reduces the rate of frizz. If the hair happens to have tangles, as you apply the conditioner, you just have to run your hands through the braids and detangle. Doing this weekly should do the trick!

  • When moisturizing your scalp, you could also moisturize your braids. Now I do this because, shortly after installing the braids, they begun to itch and I HATE that feeling (we all do right?) so in moisturizing the hair, it keeps it rather moist and not soo itchy and straight.As a first timer, I’d say crochet is slowly becoming a style I’d love to do all the time simply because, you can do all protective styles- from mambo twists to kinky to afro- using the crochet method. And it’s way safer for your hair as it doesn’t stress it so much. It’s a method I’d really recommend to everyone on a healthy hair journey for optimum length retention and edge protection. Has anyone installed crochet braids? How did you maintain the style? Kindly comment with all your tips and tricks below! And thanks for reading!

Till the next post loves,

Kuujya (Shantays)


  1. I love crochet braids. I find them very easy to maintain. But the take down process is where is suffering most. I remember cutting my own last time I had one installed. We learn from our mistakes and move on. Thanks for the tips


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