Last week I spoke about Dates.Today is tigernut.Have you tasted it before? Tigernut has amazing health benefits which I will love to share with you.. Tiger nuts are one of nature’s super foods. They are high in fibre, highly nutritious and are believed to contain ingredients that can help prevent heart attacks and improve blood circulation. People in North Africa and Spain have been snacking on tiger nuts for centuries.

The Benefits

It has a high fiber content, Vitamin E, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. A diet high in fiber helps with your blood sugar control, weight loss as well as irritable bowel syndrome. The Vitamin E helps with sperm motility. By this the sperms are able to move actively to fertilize the egg. This is what fascinates the men…yeah right. No wonder traditionalists in Ghana use tiger nuts for medicines that treat erectile dysfunction. I cannot recommend one to anyone but well I guess it all boils down to that “men’s special role “that people usually ask about when they discuss the health benefits of tiger nuts. However,  there are many more.

The tiger nut milk contains higher magnesium, iron and carbohydrates than cow milk. It has no lactose hence good for individuals who are lactose intolerant. The fatty acid composition is similar to that of olive oil. The oleic acid (fatty acid) content helps with lowering of natural fats and oils and cholesterol making it essential in heart health. It also reduces the risk of colon cancer and helps with constipation and flatulence too. Tiger nuts has many added benefits to the human health so ladies step up your game and start enjoying it too.
More benefits.....

They are very high in fibre.

Tiger nuts are a very rich source of dietary fibre. Over 30% of a tiger nut is made of fibre and that’s more than oats, bran and most vegetables and fruits. We all need fibre to keep our digestive system in good working order, and it call also be an aid to weight loss, by making you feel fuller for longer.

 They help to control blood pressure

Another wonderful health benefit of tiger nuts is that the nuts are high in amino acids, especially one called arginine, which has been shown to be beneficial to those suffering from high blood pressure. Arginine has been clinically proven to reduce blood pressure.

 They are a good source of magnesium

Tiger nuts are a good natural source of magnesium, which is needed by the body to help with muscle and nerve function and for the proper functioning of the immune system. Magnesium also helps to regulate heart beat and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

 They are a rich source of protein

Protein is a vital ingredient used in the building of muscle, skin and bone, and tiger nits provide a rich source of protein. Tiger nuts are in fact one the best, non-meat, sources of protein that there is.

The next time you go out,grab some tiger nuts as snack. 

Thanks for reading.


*Beauty and nutritional book. 


  1. Amazing just yesterday i started enjoying this great fruit, i have not even read anything about it, i just felt for it and got it, now am happy i did, knowledge they say is power, thanks for sharing this info on tiger nuts


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